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Our range includes Axial Flow, Centrifugal, Propeller, Domestic and Agricultural fans. Fan/Filter units provide dust control via pressurization of dust sensitive area and our products are complemented by a range of Silencers and Acoustic Louvres.

Comprehensive Range of high quality fans

We pride ourselves of our name “Air Dynamic Fans” in providing a high level quality service from beginning to end, this achievement is mainly due to intensive staff training and their commitments to the success of the company. Our technical sales team is professionally trained and have many years of experience and capable in finding or recommending a suitable solution to any fan application requirements.

Air Dynamic Fans – BEE Accredited:

The company has formulated a Black Economic Empowerment policy with the aim to support economic growth and development in South Africa. The company’s first rating was carried out in June 2009 where the company was awarded a BEE verification status of Level One (1) contributor (135% BBBEE Compliant). The company’s current BEE verification status is Level One (1) contributor (135% BBBEE Compliant).

Air Dynamic Fans – Sole Distributor of Bahcivan Fans (Turkey):

Since 2009, Air Dynamic Fans has marketed the Bahcivan brand in South Africa. Our close ties with Bahcivan in Turkey, combine our experience and knowledge to ensure that the products of Bahcivan are competitive and are breaking new technology ground.


Dynamic Fans cc, was established in March 2000 as a close corporation & in May 2009 it was changed to Dynamic Fans (Pty) Limited as a company. In May 2013 the company name was changed to Air Dynamic Fans (Pty) Limited.

Air Dynamic Fans specializing in the manufacturing & distributing a comprehensive range of high quality Domestic, Commercial & Industrial type of fans to the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Various Industries & End-User Markets.

The product range includes Axial Flow, Centrifugal, Propeller, Domestic Fans & Agricultural fans. The products are complemented by a range of Acoustic Equipment.

The key purpose of a fan is to move air by means of circulating, blowing or extracting to make the environment safe, comfortable & healthy for human survival. There are many other reasons why a fan is used such as for Extracting or Blowing of Bad Odor, Fumes, Heat, Smoke, Corrosive/Toxic Chemicals & Dust etc. Fans are also used for Cooling & Heating processes during the manufacturing of various products. Fans are used for all types of applications in General Buildings, Shopping Malls, Office Blocks, Hospitals, Hotels, Factories, Foundries, Mills, Mines, Power Stations, Huge Construction Industries, Purification Industries, Agricultural, Transportation & many more. Air Dynamic Fans is in the Air Moving Business to solve the problem.

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